Out Of Body Experiences

This is a very controversial subject, however a really fascinating one.

Over the past 40 to 50 years or so, there have been many accounts of people willing to tell of their experiences of an out of body experience (OBE).
Before that time it is certain that OBE’s did happen, although there wasn’t much “support” for the people involved, as very few people – including doctors and nurses, wouldn’t believe them and would try to hush them up.

As a result, people would keep quiet about these experiences, but fortunately, in recent years society has portrayed more acceptance towards these cases and people are finding it easier to tell of their OBE experiences.

Back to basics, anyone can have an OBE, regardless of age, culture, religious beliefs etc, so it is not restricted to ethnic groups or beliefs.

Through research, it seems that an OBE is most likely to happen during times of illness and/or surgery. The most common experience is of one of the “person” leaving their body and finding themselves high up in the room where they can see their own body below them.

They usually are very aware of anybody in close vicinity and often people have reported knowing what people around them are saying and even knowing what people that they’ve not seen that day (normally relatives & friends) are wearing.

Sometimes this is the end of the experience and they are suddenly back in their body.
For others, they are often aware of a tunnel in which they seem to be flying along, often at very fast speeds and usually they see an extremely bright light at the end of the tunnel.

They can have feelings of pure love and belonging – much more intense than they feel here on the earth.

Sometimes they report of seeing relatives that have previously passed over who are happy to see them or they do not see anyone but hear familiar voices, such as a higher being.
These higher beings (or the relatives they’ve seen) may tell them that it is not their time and they must go back. Often, despite their feelings of wanting to stay, they are suddenly thrust back into their bodies.

This experience fits with the theory that we have souls, which are able to leave the body temporarily or permanently (when death occurs).

This is different to the astral travel which often happens when we are asleep (see other articles)

What I find interesting (and strange) is that a lot of scientists to this day, try to find explanations for OBE’s through exploring the brain.  For me, the brain has no factor in the causes of OBE’s. But still, doctors and scientists who, after many years of research can only come up with the idea that OBE’s are caused by lack of oxygen to the brain.

Posted by Kevin

Is Everything Meant To Happen?

I’ve heard some people say that everything happens to us for a reason and that it’s meant to happen.

Personally, I don’t believe it’s quite like that. We all have been given a special gift – the gift of free will. This means that we choose what we do, where we go, how we do it, etc.

Whilst I do believe that the life changing and very important events in our life are part of our true path and are events that we have chosen to learn from, it’s the small everyday things that we do that utilise our free will. It has been said from higher spiritual beings that around 70% of what we do is pre-destined and the other 30% is of our own free will.

It has to be this way, otherwise we’d all be like robots without having our own minds.

It is as a result of that free will that we create karma that we have to work through and part of the reason why we choose to reincarnate again and again.

We can change our destiny if we really wanted to up to a point, however, if we have chose at pre-birth to work through for example, tough financial situations, then whilst on the earth, we may choose to develop the skills necessary to obtain a financially rewarding career, we may seem to come up against many “obstacles” along the way, although we won’t know why.

Spiritual laws will keep creating these “obstacles” until the time comes that we fully understand the experience and not trying to avoid them.

Posted by Kevin

Date of Death

Some people ask why we die when we do. Following my previous discussions, our death is not an accident that shouldn’t happen. Let’s look more closely at this.

I believe that our soul has worked out with higher beings before we are born, the possible events surrounding our death. We work out various “exit points” – a number of different occasions when we will leave the earth. Again, much planning is involved and it could be that the decision of our death may not be fully decided until we get close to one of these exit points.

But when it happens, it is meant to happen.

We’ve all heard of stories where someone was due to travel on a plane at on certain date and something happens to cause that person to miss that plane journey and subsequently, the plane crashes and everyone on board dies.

Well, that person was not meant to die at that point, but we’ve all heard of stories where that same person is involved in an accident just days later and does die at this point. It may seem pointless continuing his life for just a few days, but his soul would have needed those extra days to learn from further experiences.

When we hear of people that have been murdered we would think that it shouldn’t have happened. Again, we don’t know what the soul had planned pre birth surrounding the circumstances of his death. As hard as it may be to understand, maybe the murderer and the victim had made a soul contract for this to happen in order to work through some karma or valuable experience.

Posted by Kevin

The Beginning Part 2

So the soul has entered the foetus and the pregnancy is going well, but sometimes problems occur, ending in a miscarriage.

Why does this happen?
I think there are two main reasons for this…

Firstly, the soul may have made a contract with the parents to be. This contract may be that they have agreed that the soul would vacate the foetus before birth, to provide an experience for the parents to work through.

Secondly, the soul may have changed its mind about the incarnation and would like to go back to the spirit world and discuss further options. This option is probably much less frequent than the previous reason.

So a miscarriage is not an accident. There are reasons why it happens, as difficult it is for the parents.

Posted by Kevin

The Beginning

There are many reasons why we chose to come here, including working out karma from previous lifetimes, desiring to work through new experiences for our development and others’ development.

In the spirit world, we work with higher beings to discuss if we need to and are ready to incarnate again. We are not pushed into this, we work with our guides to plan what lessons and challenges we wish to experience. We all belong to a soul group where we very often incarnate with the same souls who can be different family members, friends, associates or even someone we meet just briefly.

Soul contracts are made between our soul and other souls. Foe example, we may make a contract with another soul that they would cause us pain in this lifetime in order to help us experience and learn.

A lot of planning takes place before each incarnation and when we have chosen the particular challenges and experiences we want to work through, we go ahead with our guides and higher beings and set about choosing the most suitable conditions to be born into.

We even get a chance to view our future life at certain points as if in a cinema. This helps us to make the decision as to whether or not we want to experience this incarnation in the circumstances we are choosing.

With this is mind, we choose our parents, our siblings, our geographical location and circumstances to be born into. Nothing is left to chance.

When everything is decided, our soul enters the foetus after conception. There doesn’t seem to be an exact time during pregnancy when this happens, but the soul can leave the foetus at any time to go back to the spirit world and discuss any concerns it may have.

Posted by Kevin

My Soul

I believe that I have a soul, in fact that every living thing has a soul. The soul’s natural home is what we I like to call “The Spirit World” or “The World of Spirit”.

My experiences on earth have led me to believe that we have a soul and that my soul is the focus of my life. Without it I have no life, with it, I have a purpose, a meaning and a reason for being here.

The theory is that souls were created by God and like schoolchildren here on earth, souls are willing to learn, but more than that, souls have a desire to experience, as only through experiences can we learn.

There are many planes of existence that the soul can travel to and learn and one of these planes is the planet earth. So the earth can be seen as a school as a place for learning.

The soul is energy, there is no physical aspect to it at all and the reason why souls want to come to the earth is that they can learn much more here than they can in The Spirit World.  But the earth is not a nice place to live in comparison with the world of spirit. But the desire to learn is so strong that the soul is so eager to come here.

But the soul cannot exist on the earth as it is, it needs a host to carry it and that host is our physical body.  So basically, the soul decides on a suitable physical body to use as a vehicle throughout its journey here and off we go –  a new life is born.

Of course, there are many areas of the soul’s journey that we need to explore, but this is just an extremely basic view of the soul and why it is here.

Posted by Kevin

Do We Actually Die?

My thoughts on why we die are quite complex and cannot be explained in one or two sentences.

We have all heard people say “you’re only here once – so do this or do that”.

But is that true?  I like to examine that theory.
Now, when people say “we” who are they referring to?  In my case, is it Kevin Lethby that dies or is there another part of me that dies and is there another part of me that doesn’t die?

So if there is another part of us other than the ego or the personality (that is the Kevin part), then that needs to be explored too.

Now we all know that our physical body dies and this happens when the heart stops beating. End of.
So for all intents and purposes, that person who’s body has given up and died has ceased to exist from that moment.

That person is no more and is confined to a place in our history if it is someone we knew.
This is how death is generally viewed and understood.

But, and it is a BIG but.

If that person has died and is no more and we’ve witnessed the body being cremated or buried, then how can a medium (to be discussed elsewhere) claim to have made contact with that person who’s body we buried or cremated?

A very interesting scenario and a very controversial one.

So we have to look at the possible theories behind whether we do die or not.

Posted by Kevin